Online Appointment:

To make an online appointment please fill out the form

Pre-appointment guidelines:

Please make sure to bring all the relevant documents (if applicable) for your appointment:

  • X-rays/MRI/CT scan /ultrasound scans or any other imaging test
  • Lab tests results
  • Current medications
  • Complete medical history
  • Panel patients must bring along:
  1. For OPD visits : Approval letter
  2. Emergency (ER) visit : Employee card for verification

During appointment guidelines:

Be sure to ask (some questions may not be applicable in your condition):

  • About your condition or illness:
  1. Reasons of your symptoms?
  2. What caused your illness?
  3. Symptoms to watch out for?
  4. What tests will be used to diagnose your condition?
  5. Any additional tests?
  6. Can I infect others? If yes what precautions must be taken?
  7. Any follow-up visits?
  • About your treatment plan (medication or surgery) such as:
  1. Treatment options?
  2. Treatment period?
  3. Cost of treatment?
  4. Most common or usual treatments methods for your illness?
  5. What are the side effects?
  6. What are the associated risks?
  7. Is delay in treatment possible?
  8. Will the treatment affect work and personal life?
  9. Duration of hospital stay? ( in case of surgery)
  10. Follow-up appointments?
  11. Medications?
  12. Precautions?
  13. What symptoms to look out?
  14. When to seek emergency treatment?

After appointment guidelines:

Please ensure to have following information after your appointment, some details may not be applicable to you:

  • Prescription may include:
  1. List of tests
  2. List of medication – timing and dosage details
  • Time and date of follow up visits ( if advised)
  • Referral to another specialist or hospital ( if treatment is not available at Bilal hospital)
  • Referral to another lab for specialized or additional tests? (if test is not available at Bilal hospital)
  • Admission may be advised ( if medical or surgical care is needed)


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