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About Us - Bilal Hospital

Emergency Unit:

Fifteen bedded ,24/7 emergency unit is Fully Equipped and facilitated with skilled team of emergency .We have expert casualty medical officers supervised by our group of well reputed consultants. Patients are managed on TRIAGE basis. There is minor OT facility 24/7 for minor procedures.

Physiotherapy unit:

Two experts male and female physiotherapists are in practice of this field since 2 decades. It is located in basement.

Radiology Unit:

We have Three Radiologist, a male and two females from 9:00am till 10:00pm Monday to Saturday. They not only perform ultrasound, Interventional Radiological procedures, but Fast ct scan reporting too. Ct scan and X-ray department is functional 24/7.We perform all sorts of x-ray/ct scans .We have both department al and portable X-rays.


After booking our technician performs audiometry tests on daily basis


Lab is equipped with latest machinery and run by expert Hematologist/ Histopathology. We perform all sorts of tests with fast reporting. Histopathology, hematology, special chemistry, Serology, Routine chemistry , pathology, microbiology, clinical pathology.


It is located in Basement. We have both departmental and portable facility

Cath Lab:

Our expert team of six cardiologists  is available 24/7 for any cardiac emergencies . daily 10-12 angiography/angioplasty is performed with go0d success rates.

Dialysis Unit (Haemodialysis):

Bilal Hospital has  24/7 ,a 4 bedded dialysis unit. It is located in the basement. There is portable dialysis facility also available.

Lithotripsy Unit:

Bilal hospital lithotripsy unit provides non-invasive treatment to patients suffering from stone disease. During this procedure sound waves are used to break up the stones.


Endoscopy with banding and colonoscopy is available ,ERCP is also performed

24/7 Blood Bank:

Bilal Hospital blood bank is located in the basement and is with PBTA licensed . We provide a 24/7 hour service. Our services include:

  • Separate donor room
  • Blood components - Cryofuge machine is used to separate blood into its components:
  1. Red blood cells (RBC)/whole blood
  2. Fresh frozen plasma (FFP's)
  3. Platelets
  • Eliza screening method is used (for hepatitis B&C) to ensure the safety of blood for patients
  • Crossmatch and then issue a compatibility test (before transfusion)

24/7 Pharmacy:

Bilal Hospital pharmacy is located on the ground floor. We provide a 24/7 hour service.

Intensive care unit (ICU):

Bilal Hospital has an 8 Bedded intensive care unit (ICU) .It is fully equipped,4 ventilator supports and expert intensive care team of staff and doctors ,taking care of patients 24/7

Coronary care unit (CCU):

We have a 7 bedded CCU. After any cardiac procedure such as an angiography or angioplasty, patients are kept under observation at CCU. Once stable, they are discharged immediately.

Recovery room:

We have a 4 bedded recovery room. After each surgical procedure patients are shifted from operation theatre (OT) to the recovery room.Here these patients remains under observation,and shifted to rooms/wards once regain conciousness

Labour Room:

We have a 5 bedded maternity ward and two bedded delivery room. After the expecting mother's arrival, she will be taken to the maternity ward. After delivery the newborn will be shifted to our neonatal nursery NICU and mother to the ward. The hospital has a 8 bedded basic neo-natal nursery OR nicu


We have 8 bedded NICU/Nursey,4 baby cotts and 4 incubators ,with skilled staff and doctors team.It is fully equipped level 2-3 NICU

Operation Theater

There are five major and one  minor Operation theaters. All are fully equipped and performing latest techniques of procedures, including endoscopic, laparoscopic surgeries. There is high quality infection control measures to prevent any infection

Our Services
166 Beds Dialysis Unit (4Beds) 
Male & Female Wards/SEHAT CARD WARD 6 fully equipped OT : 5 Major + 1 Minor OT
Laparoscopic /Endoscopic / all major/minor surgeries COVID/Dengue wards
Obesity clinic/Bariatric surgery Cath Lab - Angiography, Angioplasty
TPM, PPM, IVC filter Endoscopy/Colonoscopy/ERCP/Banding/ Lithotripsy Unit
ECG/ECHO/ETT X-Ray - IVP/IVU/MCUG/UCUG/barium studies
Physiotherapy  Ultrasound / CT Scan
24/7 Lab 24/7 ER* 
24/7 Pharmacy 24/7 Blood Bank
24/7 Ambulance Services ICU  and CCU(16 beds) 
EPI vaccination program f babies/Free TB screening Cafeteria
Maternity Unit /Labor room & Nursery Room/NICU Cath lab/angiography & angioplasty

Key Figures

  • 166 Beds
  • 30+ Specialty clinics
  • 300+ patient visits everyday
  • 1000+ Deliveries each year
  • 30,000+ patient admission annually
  • 14000+ procedures annually
  • 200,000+ patient visits annually in opd
  • More than 60,000 per year Emergency cases
  • More than 5,000 per year dialysis
  • 2500 angiographies and 1000 angioplasties

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