Who we are

About Us - Bilal Hospital
  • Vision:

Make quality healthcare accessible for all

  • Objectives:
  1. We shall continue to offer quick access to a wide range of treatment options using latest diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to heal our patients.
  2. To help our patients lead a happy and healthy life we ensure that they are empowered enough to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing. 
  3. To provide quality healthcare we will continue to educate and train new generation of clinicians and nurses
  • HR Goals:

We provide qualified physicians, surgeons, nurses, caregivers and talented supporting staff the possibility to grow and learn in their professional roles, so that together as partners we can provide compassionate, accessible and quality health care to our patients consistently.

  • Quality Policy

Quality healthcare at affordable cost

  • Our Values

Our building blocks are the key values that define who we are - it’s simply the way we work; and what we expect of each member of our organization to uphold everyday!

  1. Compassionate CareCompassion and care is the only way to treat your fellow human being even more so when you are treating a sick person. We listen, respond and treat our patients with care.
  2. Cost Consciousness - Accessible healthcare is not possible without keeping costs low. Achieving more with small resources is an effort we make everyday.
  3. Accessible Leadership - When employees are unable to access help, they cannot be productive. We keep our doors open so that when help is needed our co workers can reach us in time.
  4. Growth Positive - Change is inevitable; it gives an opportunity to do new things. We know that by continuous improvement and innovation in our services we can improve clinical outcomes
  5. Continuous learning - We recognize talent and mentor talented individuals to learn and grow. While doing so people may make mistakes, but through mistakes they also learn new things!
  6. Mutual Respect - We believe that patients, co workers, suppliers and all of our stakeholders deserve to be treated with respect. 
  7. Confidentiality - We are committed to safeguard and protect the privacy of patients.

Our Code of Honor

  • We will put in every ‘possible’ effort to heal our patients
  • We will ensure that our patients are empowered enough to make informed choices about their health and well being
  • We will treat each patient in a caring and compassionate manner
  • We will work hard to make quality healthcare accessible from neighborhood to community at large
  • What will motivate us to put in more effort each day is growth – growth in healthcare services, treatments options and positive patient experience
  • We will continuously invest in new technology and infrastructure to improve our healthcare services
  • We will educate, train and employ qualified clinicians & nurses to reach our quality healthcare goals
  • We will maintain costs everyday to keep our healthcare services accessible
  • We will develop and implement policies that ensure workplace safety

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