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Can we afford temporary loss of vision…it’s scary, ins’t? Loss of vision, even temporarily can be scary.Bilal hospital ophthalmology clinic understands the patients' need for speedy recovery. We offer a wide range of safe and latest treatment options to protect your vision.May it be cataract, glaucoma, near or far sightedness, astigmatism, watery eyes, eye injury, lumps, tissue growth, or anything else causing discomfort to your eyes. We offer mimimally invasive and laser treatments for a wide range of eye conditions such as Phacoemulsification, YAG laser capsulotomy, Argon laser (photocoagulation) and Excimer laser refractive surgical procedures etc.

Eye care we provide:

Cataract Surgeries - Cloudy natural lens

The lens inside our eyes is primarily composed of water and proteins. As we age these proteins start to clump together. This causes our natural lens to become cloudy. Cataract interferes with our vision. Hence, it needs to be emoved.During cataract surgery, cloudy lens is replaced with a new lens.We offer two types of catarct surgery which are:

  • Phacoemulsification or Phaco - Minimally invasive surgery for cataract
  • Extra capsular cataract extraction (ECCE) - Conventional cataract surgery
  • Lens implants after cataract surgery:
  1. Rigid lens or foldable lens
  2. Toric lens
  3. Multifocal Lens

Glaucoma treatments (pressure on optic nerve):

Glaucoma is an eye condition,where the optic nerve, which connects the eye to brain, becomes damaged. When the fluid inside our eyes cannot drain properly, it can put pressure on the optic nerve.Loss of vision from glaucome is not reversible.Our eye surgeon will suggest most suitable treatment plan to patients based on their type of glaucome. We offer:

  • Iridectomy 
  • Trabeculectomy with antimetabolites 
  • YAG laser iridotomy 

Lacrimal drainage procedures (blocked tear ducts):

Blocked tear ducts can cause watery eyes. It is a minor procedure to unblock tear ducts. It involves:

  • Probing
  • Syringing
  • Punctal dilations
  • Snip procedures

External eye and lid surgical treatments:

  • Pterygium - A tiny non-cancerous growth on the eyeball. It usually starts on the white part of the eye and may extend to the centre of the eye ball.
  • Chalazion - A non-cancerous lump or swelling on your upper or lower eyelid.
  • Entropion corrections (lower eyelid) - Lower eyelid becomes loose and turns inward.
  • Excisions - surgical removal of tissue (partial) or tumor
  • Eyelid repairs 

Other treatments and services:

  • Ocular trauma (eye injuries) - These can occur at home, workplace or while playing a sport.
  • Intravitreal injections - Eye injections
  • Argon laser (photocoagulation) – A type of laser procedure to treat various eye conditions
  • Excimer laser refractive surgical procedures (reduces need for glasses) - Corrects short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism.
  • YAG laser Capsulotomy (treatment of posterior capsule opacity) - Natural lens is located within a bag of a thin membrane called capsule. Due to various reasons our capsule can become cloudy. This condition is known as posterior capsule opacity. YAG laser Capsulotomy is a procedure to correct this condition and restore your vision. It is a painless and quick treatment.
  • Foreign body removals
  • Pre-operation and post-operation management

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Dr. Naeem Altaf