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Free Medical Camp on Children’s Annual Fun Fair Day

Bilal Foundation in partnership with Bilal Hospital, Pharmevo Pharmaceuticals and Wilson's Pharmaceuticals organized a free Medical Health Camp on annual fun fair day at Azm-e-Nau Girls High School, Tumair on 23rd November, 2019 from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm.

Children were dressed up in bright and colorful clothes for occasion. They were all laughing, running,chit-chatting and looking for their friends at the annual fun fair of Azm-e-Nau Gir's High School, Tumair. Numerous stalls were the main attraction for children and the visitors. The school teachers were seen selling 'dahi bhallay', 'spicy fries', etc with joy written all over their faces.Apart from eateries, stalls of Mehndi and singing competition were main attraction for the kids and their parents.

Alongside all these activities Bilal Foundation ran free medical camp for the visitors. The purpose of the camp was to take advantage of the occasion and provide an outlet for the visitors to discuss their health issues. Free sugar test, BMD ( Bone mineral density) test BMI (Body Mass Index) test and blood pressure check up were also offered to all visitors. Dr. Faiza (Medical Officer at Bilal Hospital) gave medical advice and referred patients to specialists at Bilal Hospital wherever it was required. At this camp many mothers brought their kids for medical checkup. Most kids were suffering from intestinal infestation but there were also cases of ear infection, abdominal pain, anemia etc. Dr.Faiza also distributed discount coupons (baseline tests & consultation with Medical Specialist or Cardiologist) to patients. 

Ms.Tehmina (Dietitian at Bilal Hospital) counseled mothers and children about healthy dietary pattern. Many mothers complained that their child is not eating properly. BMI scores were calculated on spot by Ms. Tehmina and staff nurse. It revealed that most children were underweight. SPecific diet charts were advised to the mothers and children. One girl was found to be overweight, and was offered nutritional guidance and cardio exercises such as skipping were advised by the dietitian.

Around 30 people availed from the services of this camp. The medical camp concluded with distribution of seasonal fruits among children.