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Bilal Hospital raises awareness about Breast Cancer and Obesity at Fatima Jinnah University Medical Center

Bilal Hospital in collaboration with Pharmevo organized Breast and obesity awareness camp at Fatima Jinnah University Medical Center on 16th Oct, 2019. The purpose of the event was to increase awareness about Breast cancer and obesity among the University students and faculty members.The programs included two guest lectures and cardiac metabolic camp.

Guest speaker Dr. Arifa Manzoor (General Laparoscopic and Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon) said that breast cancer was reported to be rapidly increasing in young girls in Pakistan and now many women in the country were at risk of this disease, women particularly those aged 20 to 40 years without any risk factors should get themselves checked by a doctor for a clinical breast examination and a mammogram after every three years. She focused on the treatment options available for the breast and discussed various surgical options for removal of breast tumor and role of chemotherapy and radiation in eradicating cancerous cells.

Ms. Tehmina (Dietician) talked about what food items we should avoid and what can be included in our daily diet to prevent breast cancer and obesity issues.

At the end of the session free cardio metabolic camp was arranged for faculty and students. Discounted coupons for Baseline tests and consultations by Dr. Uzma Ali (Consultant OB/GY) & Dr. Ghulam Rasheed (Consultant General Medicine) were also distributed among attendees by Bilal Hospital. A large number of students, staff and faculty members attended the event.