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Bilal Hospital Celebrates World Kidney Day, 2019

Bilal foundation in collaboration with Bilal Hospital and Sami Pharmaceuticals  organized a ‘Free Kidney and Bones Health Camp' on Thursday 14th Mar 2019 here at Bilal Hospital as part of its long term efforts to educate local community about life threatening diseases such as Kidney disease. The primary purpose of event was designed to raise awareness about the risk factors of kidney disease and what lifestyle choices can prevent kidney disease. Program activities included free health lectures, Q & A session and free tests (blood pressure check up, blood sugar test, urine test and Creatinine test).

Dr. Naveed Sarwar ( Consultant Nephrologist) said that 10% of world’s population is suffering from chronic kidney disease. He informed the audience about various functions of kidneys and what happens when kidneys are unable to perform their routine functions properly. He said that chronic kidney disease (CKD) has no symptoms at early stages and patient may lose 90% of the kidney function before even reaching a Hospital. CKD has various complications such as anemia, bone disease, heart disease, gout etc. A high salt and high fat diet, sedentary lifestyle, high blood pressure, diabetes and regular intake of over the counter medications such as aspirin, NSAIDS etc harms your kidney function irrevocably. Dr. Sarwar stressed that prevention is the best medicine in this regard. Small lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, weight management, abstaining from smoking, low daily salt intake, eating a balanced diet which includes plenty of vegetables and fruits can promote good health. Moreover, keeping blood pressure and blood sugar levels in check also prevents kidney disease and heart disease.

Dr. Khawaja Sajid Aslam (Orthopedic Surgeon) also discussed about various diseases of bones and how to stay healthy on day to day basis. Dietary choices are crucial to maintain our health, keeping kidney disease in view Ms. Tehmina Saqlain ( Nutritionist) talked at length about  specific dietary needs of kidney patients and on a general note what can be included in our diets everyday to keep us fit and healthy.

More than 50 visitors were screened for kidney disease and around 10 patients with bones and joint issues were given free consultation by Dr. Khawaja Aslam (Consultant Orthopedic). There was also a Q & A session at the end of the program. The days’ activities concluded with refreshments for all visitors.