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Spreading awareness about diabetes on World Diabetes Day

Bilal foundation in collaboration with Pharmevo Pharmaceuticals celebrated ‘World diabetes day’ on Wednesday 14th Nov 2018 here at Bilal Hospital as part of its long term efforts to educate local community about life threatening diseases like diabetes. The event comprised of a series of awareness lectures and free tests including free blood sugar test, blood pressure check up , cholesterol test, BMI score (used to check obesity) and free consultations by Dr. Asma ( SR Cardiology) and MS Arooba (Consultant Nutritionist).

The event was hosted by Mrs. Nuzhat (Nursing Manager), who informed the attendees about why we are celebrating this day. The program started with Quran recitation, followed by a series of lectures, free tests and consultations. Ms. Arooba started discussed nutritional guidelines and meal tips for diabetic patients. Dr. Moharram (Medical Officer) informed the visitors about various risk factors of diabetes and steps to prevent onset of diabetes in the first place. Around 50 patients were screened for diabetes, out of which three new cases of diabetes were diagnosed. This event created an opportunity for the visitors to learn about diabetes and take better care of their health.